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9/11 Suspects To Be Tried In Military Pseudo-Trials

Nearly ten years after the horrific events of 9/11, Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that the alleged “masterminds” will be tried in a military tribunal court at Guantánamo Bay, much to his own chagrin. This comes after more than two years of political bickering, framed over whether or not to try the suspects in civilian or military court. According to AP, the trials had formerly been scheduled to be held in New York City, but the decision was quickly met with widespread opposition from Republicans and Democrats alike, who claimed that the suspects were “war criminals” and should not receive the standing of an American civilian court case. Those opposed have also called the attempts to house the trials in New York City as “disgraceful” and “insulting”, as the hearings would have been held blocks from the original site of the World Trade Center towers. Congress even went so far as to legislate against the transportation of Gitmo detainees to the United States, so as to avoid future trials in civilian courts.

As per usual, this event is only the latest in the government’s grand puppet show of terror theatre. The guarantee that these suspects will face a military trial is also to guarantee that adequate justice will not be served; that hearsay and conspiratorial evidence will be dominant proof; that false confessions made during multiple gauges of torture will be accepted as legitimate; that truth will be continually stifled; that the world shall never learn the true story behind 9/11; that secretive and unjust punishment out of public view will persist; and that the democratic ideals espoused by the founders of this nation will forever be disregarded.

Let there be no allusion about what this decision represents. This is about continuing the vicious American empire, and denying all justice to the families of victims of 9/11. This is about justifying countless bouts of military interventions throughout the Arab world. This is about degrading and dehumanizing those who do not agree with the aims of despotic empire. This is about lowering the standards of justice and keeping the American populace forever docile and complicit, separated from the truth of reality. The questions surrounding 9/11 deserve to have their fair trial in civilian court for all to hear, see, and document. The American people need to fully understand why their country has been in a constant state of war for the past ten years; why they have been subjected to the erosion of their liberties; why they have allowed public officials to exploit their fear; why they must disrupt their peaceful way of life; why they must send their brave men and women to fight in wars and occupations and die for causes yet unrevealed; why the events of that day has justified the expansion of the American Empire to a level never known in the history of mankind; why they must submit to fear instead of love.

What once made the United States of America the beacon of the free world was its dedication to universal human rights, protection, democracy, and justice. By allowing the greatest crime ever perpetrated against it to be hashed out and ruled upon in a secretive military commission, it not only throws those ideals into a fiery pit of subversion, but it demeans its entire founding and existence.

May true justice prevail.

Canada to Resurrect 9-11 “Anti-Terror” Measures

By Lindsay Kellock, Global

Ottawa — Prime Minister Stephen Harper government’s proposal to resurrect two controversional anti-terror measures — preventive arrests and investigative hearings — has again drawn fire from from former CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) director, Reid Morden.

Morden describes the measures as unnecessary, potentially dangerous, crossings the line between state security and individual rights, Canada’s former spy master charged Saturday. “We should think very carefully before we take that step.” (

“The imposition of these two (powers) crosses that line and what’s more, it offends the basic premise of the way we have interpreted the law, which is that you’re innocent until proven guilty.” (Edmonton Journal and Ottawa Citizen)

Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service have, “perfectly sufficient powers to do their jobs,” said the former director of CSIS. “If they’re properly resourced … they don’t need more powers.”

Federal Justice Minister Rob Nicholson announced the proposed legislation, the Combating Terrorism Act, Friday, April 19.

On February 27, 2007. a government bid to extend these two controversial measures was defeated 159 to 124 in the House of Commons.

The initial anti-terror laws were introduced within three months of the 2001 9/11 attacks by the Liberal government of Jean Chretien. Morden expressed his concerns about the legislation in a September 2007 article, The Right Balance,  for Policy Options (Options politiques). See

In the article, he discussed, among other concerns,  preventive arrest (arrest and detention without warrant) and investigative judicial hearings (court hearings before a judge, which may be held in secret).

In The Right Balance, Morden wrote “Much has been made about the provisions (in Bill-36, the initial bill) for preventive arrest and investigative hearings …these two provisions, in an unprecedented way, override fundamental relgious, expressive and associational freedoms that are at the core of the Charter (Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms (

The Police State Descends Upon Ottawa

As we have seen recently, an effect of the POLICE STATE on our daily lives is militarization of our law enforcement officers. I often emphasize its growth in the United States of America but it should be said that most western governments have joined the bandwagon of NATIONAL SECURITY as well. The latest example is in my country, Canada. Toronto Star:

OTTAWA–RCMP officers who guard Parliament Hill are being equipped with submachine guns to give them more stopping power should a gunman attack the heart of Canada’s government.

Security, which has already been significantly beefed up after a high-profile breach last December, will get another boost in the coming months when Mounties patrolling the Hill get the Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine-gun.

The new weapons are meant to better engage an “active shooter,” said assistant commissioner Pat McDonell, who heads the RCMP’s protective policing unit, which includes the Mounties who patrol Parliament Hill.

Senator Colin Kenny, former chair of the Senate defence and security committee, said the extra firepower makes sense in a scenario where “someone is on a rampage.”

“Bluntly put, it is hard as hell to hit someone with a handgun,” Kenny said.

But Kenny cautioned that protecting Parliament Hill will take more than just new firearms.

“The problems they face are much deeper than what sort of weapons they take … they don’t have enough people and they don’t have enough dough,” Kenny said in an interview.

The RCMP have noticeably stepped up security on Parliament Hill since a daylight protest last December by Greenpeace activists, who used climbing gear and a ladder to reach the rooftops of the Centre and West Blocks, where they unfurled banners taking aim at Ottawa’s climate change stance.

The RCMP determined the protesters, wearing construction hard hats and coveralls, had reached the roof of West Block by scaling scaffolding at the rear of the building.

Since then, the force has added more officers and patrols on Parliament Hill. That extra presence is paying off – last week officers twice stopped protesters caught sneaking around the rear of West Block carrying banners.


“Carrying banners”—>Aren’t I glad that millions are spent so citizens can’t walk around with banners?

As can be deduced, the police departments around the country will be justifying any small incident to increase their already monstrous budgets to mass-scale armed forces budgets to “keep watch” and “protect” the citizens.

What began as a small trickle of military influence has now led to a complete revamping of security philosophy that has law enforcement officers WATCHING citizens instead of PROTECTING them.

More police presence only serves to psychologically render the populace subalterns, making any hopes of a free society a long-lost hope erased by camouflage.